Wounded Children Living in An Adult Bodies – Affects Buying Behavior

It’s really important to think about that this isn’t a technical thing we do its an art and there are technicalities to it but uhhh..its really just about understanding that person we are writing to –

Steven Rogers (Nobody Writes Alone Seminar)

Hey Folks,

Last February,

I’ve got a rather interesting copywriting lesson from an A-list copywriter by the name of Parris Lampropoulos.

Wonder who’s Parris was?

Parris is one of the Famous A-List Copywriter the world has to offer.

He’s a true badass.

He’s a secret weapon behind several 7-8-9 figures businesses.

He’s the guy that they sort to slip-in to fix controls and grow businesses.

That is his speciality, taking businesses to a higher level from where they are now.

He’s a consistent winner beating other people controls time and time again.

He’s one of the authors of the famous magazines “Bottomline Personal and Men’s Health” who wrote most of its winning advertisement.

Those advertisements give him a lots of mucho dinero to pay for his mortgage and for him to afford a decent lifestyle.

So, you know what I mean do you?

Control is the winning advertisement…that means more cheques for him.

Anyways, the title of the talk is…

Irresistible attraction: How to compel People to Buy by “Pushing their Buttons”

And to answer that question…

He talks about the 11 Schemas from the book: Reinventing your life by Jeffrey Young.

He said, “These schemas relate to people buying behaviour”.

That…during our childhood years, there are those experiences that happen to our lives that affects us even today when we buy something.

And, here are the 11 Schemas:

Abandonment – and the quote is “Please don’t leave me.”

Mistrust – and the quote is “People cannot be trusted.”

Dependents – and the quote is “I need to tell me what to do.”

Vulnerability – and the quote is “The world is an unsafe place”

Deprivation – and the quote is “I never get what I need”

Social Exclusion – and the quote is “I want to be one of the cool kids”

Unrelenting Standards – and the quote is “ I want to be the best”

Failure – and the quote is “I am inadequate.”

Defectiveness – and the quote is “I am not lovable.”

Subjugation – and the quote is “I am a people pleaser.”

Entitlement – and the quote is “The rules do not apply to you.”

To explain one of these…let’s take Failure for example.

This relates to one of the famous ads that the Great Gary Halbert ever wrote.

“The Amazing Diet Secret of A Desperate Housewife.”

Desperate meaning hopeless or in other words failing over and over again.


If you want to dig more into these Buying behaviours.

You can read the book Reinventing your life by Jeffrey Young.

Chad Godoy

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