Why You Should Not Let Your Client Control Your Copies


Two weeks ago, I got rather interesting feedback from a client who asks me to create a cold email pitch for his service.

And here’s what he said:

“Chad has great writing skills and provided out of box thinking. However, at times I felt that he wasn’t very eager to receive feedback and offered me to end the contract in the mid of the process.” – anonymous Tide Hunter


I had to wonder if he had a point.

Looking on his feedback, I’m so grateful that at least he appreciates my great writing style and out of the box thinking.

But then…

He mentioned that I don’t accept feedbacks when it comes to my work, this and that.

Well here’s my point:

If he’s my patient and I’m his doctor…

Do you think I will allow him to control the dosage of the medicine that I’m about to give him?

I guess that’s absurd (in my humble opinion).

You see, the majority of clients are so demanding about their work requirements.

Some of them will tell you so much nonsense about their needs but hardly pinpoint what’s wrong about what they are doing.

Well, not everyone of course.

And I guess it’s my fault that I did not explain to him clearly that he cannot touch my copy not because I have an ADHD or whatever.

But I don’t want his emotional attachment to his service or product to wrap around and ruined my work.


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Till next time.

Chad Godoy

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