Why People You Love The Most Often Take You For Granted and Hurt You

There’s this woman who used to date a man during her college years.

She’s so in love to him that she gave up her studies when the guy asked her to marry him and live with him for good.

Well, during the early days of their relationship it was so good.

It’s sweet and intimate. Almost no problems. Just happiness and excitement.

Then eventually the woman gets pregnant and the relationship starts to get sour.

They guy fell into drug addiction and gambling.

And often times… the woman caught him cheating, which resulted to a new family. (In other words, third party)

At this time, they have two sons already. (A 7 year old boy, and a 6 months old baby).

From which umaasa lang sa father-in-law nila.

Kasi medyo may kaya.

They are politicians kasi, so medyo may pera.

But then…the woman got miserable and eventually leave the house of her father-in-law kasi hindi na siya makatiis.

She went back to her mother and ask for forgiveness.

Along with her two babies.

To support her two babies she decided to go to Korea for work.

She did everything she could just to make ends meet.

She work in a factory, in the cold farmlands, as a dish washer, and sometimes as a Guest Relation Officer.


Hindi siya sinuerete, so she goes back in the Philippines because she cannot carry the burden anymore. Working as a TNT in Korea is a hard job. Labor work is hard because she works at night.


When she came back to Philippines she decided to work as an OFW again, but this time. She’s bound to Bahrain.

She works as a waitress in Hard Rock cafe.

She dance, she serve, she dine.

Hard Rockers! They call it.

Then eventually she met a man in Hard Rock who fell in love with her.

Because the woman is so pretty. She’s so white.

Not just that. She has a tremendous FIGHTING SPIRIT.

Fast forward…

Napatapos niya ng college ang mga anak niya.

Isang IT at isang Engineer.

They have their own business na at pretty sure they enjoy their lives everyday because of the hardship of their mom.

And you know what?

The Engineer was me.

So what’s the catch of this story?

Well, often times, kung sino pa ang siyang nag mamahal, nag hahabol, nag papakatanga, siya pa ang pinag sasamantalahan di ba?

But you know what?

There’s this art on how you can make people beg you to comeback to their life.

Mapa ex boyfriend man yan o ex husband.

And that technique will be going to be part 4 of the online course that I will launch in June for those people who have interest to make people beg for their attention.

That even the relatives (you don’t like), fierce competitors, or classmates will notice.

And that my friend is one of the most important fundamentals when you want to attract clients who pay you more dollar in less hours work.

So stay tuned if you want that.

Chad Godoy

Let’s create some awesomeness.