What’s The Best Investment You can Get? (With little or no cost)

If I’m going to advise my younger self. (although I’m still young – 28)

And I talk to him with regards to buying investment. I will tell him to invest in Himself first.

Well, I’m not saying that other investments like stocks, insurance, real estate, mutual funds or any financial vehicle are bad. It’s not.

In fact, there a no bad investment especially if the investment you will buy or invest to is something you know and can control.

In other words, you know what business you’re dealing with.

So, why did I say you must invest in yourself first?

Well, investment to yourself first, like buying books, attending seminars, going to training are something that other people cannot take from you.

It doesn’t depreciate, and it’s price doesn’t go up or down. (like stocks do)

The only thing that will happen is that you will improve whatever craft you’re trying to learn. Learning and digging things much deeper could only result in yourself becoming more valuable. Valuable not only to your colleague or peers but in the marketplace as well.

Giving more by becoming more valuable is something your present job, clients, fans, followers will appreciate not just because they learn from you, but you give more tangible results to the group.

By just investing your time reading books from a particular subject you’re doing could give you an advantage versus to your competitors.

Well, there is a saying…

Garbage in, Garbage out is a real phenomenon.

What you put inside you will go out.

If you watch bad news, bad news will almost happen.

If you think of negativity, negativity will almost happen.

And if you put nothing, nothing will happen.

And that my friend is my advice to myself and to you.

Continue investing in yourself.

Always be winning.

Chad Godoy

Let’s create some awesomeness.