The Most Embarrassing Email to The Vice President of a Multinational Company

So I remember when I was still in the corporate, working as a crappy purchasing agent.

I send my most embarrassing email ever created by a pawn to her queen.

And, to give you a little context what this email is about, well, here we GO.

This email is about a request to purchase additional forklifts, that, are barely needed by the production line (in one of our cement plants).

Unfortunately, the budget is so ass-tight that adding those biggy crabby lifters that help the company speed up the loading of cement bags to hauling trucks is on hold.

So after the day, I processed the necessary documents, regarding the purchase of those forklifts.

The morning after, I received a disaster email from the Big Boss (I call her witch) Miss Ian, just like how Ron in the Harry Potter receives a growling message from her mother when he steals his father flying car in the middle of the night to rescue poor Harry Potter from his deadly uncle Vernon.

Anyway, she nagged me why I am eagerly pushing such purchase, even there’s already a memo not to increase units, especially those expensive lifters (that look like crabs).

With that email, I decided to counter the message.

With all my might and enthusiasm I reason out why I’m purchasing it blah-blah-blah. And then I pushed the magic button. SEND.

What I did not notice is that I also send the grammar suggestions, of the fix my grammar app that I’m using (because of copy and paste habits – I accidentally included it in the email).

This app tells you how was your grammar is doing and all the details that come with it. Including the number of words you’ve used, what grade your writing was, how many adverbs you pitch out, the no. of prepositions, and how strong you wrote your message/article or in my case email.

Fortunately, the witch did not care about those red highlighted words and grammar suggestions (I just can’t imagine her face, while reading it).

But she focuses on the substance of the email which the benefits that we will have if we buy those lifters.

Well, the lesson is.

It’s not how perfect you created your email or how grammatically correct they are that is important.

But if you have a good offer, well that is all that matters folks.

Don’t be afraid to send it, if there’s a big idea behind it.

And if you’re entirely afraid of writing it, maybe one day you will ask me how to do it.

Adios amigo…

Chad Godoy

Let’s create some awesomeness.