The Man Who Risks it All for One Mission

“God proved His love on the Cross. When Christ hung, and bled, and died, it was God saying to the world “I Love You.” – Billy Graham

Once upon a time, there’s this Man Jesus Christ who risks his life for one mission.

His mission is to save our dying souls to eternity. He was hung, nailed, and bled to death because he loves us so much.

Well, without hesitation he took responsibility for our sins, so, we can go to heaven after our mission is done.

But speaking of Mission.

Do we know our mission on earth? Or we are just waking up every morning without recognizing we have one?

Without a clear mission, we cannot accomplish our goals proactively.

Without a clear mission, we will react to whatever happens every day.

Without a clear mission, we will start dying.

This mission may not be the same as JC have.

But it must be written clearly as the Bible said to Him.

Happy Palm Sunday Everyone.

Chad Godoy

P.S. This Holy Week, ask yourself what is your mission. Then write it down to a piece of paper and nailed it to your wall. In that way, you will always remember it.

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