Pinterest Strategy


Hey, I’m Chad!

I’m the founder of

In 2015, I’ve started my Pinterest career as a side hustle assisting bloggers in managing their Pinterest profiles, creating pins for them, doing the scheduling and all those stuff.

Today 2019, I’ve launched this site to help more bloggers create their Pinterest Presence.

Let’s back up a bit – flashback to 2015.

As a 9 – 5 corporate junkie, I was so tired of doing something every day that doesn’t inspire me. I was good about my work as an engineer for 4 years working for a multinational mining company but I hate it.

I worked hard but no matter what I do, I really cannot do it anymore. So I just quit.

But before I quit, I started doing some Pinterest work and assisting a blogger handles his WordPress, uploading articles, creating images, etc.

And that LIGHT UP the fire Inside me!

Why I care about blog traffic and you should too?

Higher blog traffic helps with the following:

  • Earn more ad or affiliate income
  • Increase page views
  • Show products courses to more readers
  • Leads people to your “Hire Me’ page if you provide freelance services
  • Engages the reader
  • Grow your subscribers list

I’ve worked with a handful of clients including

  • Bloggers (Health, Food, Home Decorations)
  • Architects
  • Authors
  • Travel

What exactly the Pinterest Strategy you’re talking about?

Okay, I’ve listed here 25+ actionable steps I do for my Clients.

And if you decide to hire me…I’ll do this for you.

Plus, you’re getting my super advance Pinterest Marketing Templates I created for MEself only.

• Sign up for a Business Pinterest Account

Here we’re going to set up your Pinterest Business account and confirm your website under settings so that you will have that Pinterest analytics working for you forever.

• Enable Social Sharing Buttons on your Blog

In your WordPress site, I will install a free plugin created by APPSUMO.

Once we do that, you will have a menu in your WordPress manager that we need to activate once we already installed it.

(You don’t need to be stress about this or pay for this because this is a free plugin)

• Create a “Best of board” first

When you are applying to group boards, the moderators will want to see what kind of pins you are creating.

This will paint a picture to his/her head how many pins you have.

Well, this is actually an exclusive board, that will make your readers know who you are and how long how you’ve been pinning.

• Enable Rich Pins

Rich pin will pop your Pinterest presence.

It makes an article include a bold headline, in addition to the story description, in the stream.

It grabs the meta data of your blog posts that whenever you want to update your post title or meta decription, it re-update itself.

If you’re in WordPress, this can easily be added by adding Yoast SEO Plugin.

• Create Niche Specific Boards

Okay so let’s pretend that you’re in Health and Weight loss Niche.

And you’ve searched for Weight loss…

So as you can see Pinterest gives you suggested terms.

These terms are keywords that you can actually use to solidify your position on Pinterest.

How easy is that?

Easy peasy…

But wait! There’s more…

Those keywords that appear in the top search bar are highly competitive keywords to rank especially if your account is fresh and not aged yet.

So to give us a great boost we can also use different titles people are searching for…more like a Longtail.

For example:

You type weight loss and then Pinterest gives you “weight loss tips” as one of the suggested keywords.

Then you hit enter.

Pinterest also does suggest more keywords that you can add to “Weight loss tips for Beginners” Or “Weight loss tips for Inspiration”

So now we can create a board “Weightloss Tips for Beginners”, we can also create a general board “Weightloss tips” and repin pins on that board to a more targetted long tail keyword, that makes it more optimized.

• Find and Join Many Group Boards

Group boards are boards in Pinterest that is more of collaboration boards.

From which an owner can invite people to share their pins in a new audience.

They can also reshare other pinners pin to their own boards to help other pinners as well.

You can find group boards in your niche inside or Pingroupie.

But if you want, you can just let me find group boards for you and do the legwork on getting you inside so you can blog more content. Yes?

Tip no 1: Go get a board that has at least a thousand followers.

Tip no 2: Inside, you can actually see what group boards you can join and how healthy it is with respect to it’s activity. (You don’t want group boards that will not help your page).

• Create Pin-Worthy Images

I’ve created Pinterest Pin Templates so that I can easily create Pins for my clients.

For this part, I’m going to create Pinterest pin using Canva.

If you want to create your own Pin, I created this Tutorial on How I create Pinterest Pins using Canva.

I usually create different designs for each blog I handle for me to know what is the one that does converts.

Also, clients want to create a variety of pins for them to stand out on Pinterest.

• Get Tailwind as Scheduler

You probably heard of Tailwind before as the most trusted Pinterest third-party scheduler.

So what Tailwind can do for you?

  • It helps you organized your Pinning activity.
  • It helps you understand what pins are performing well.
  • It helps you know what board are having the engagement that you want.
  • This is the IRONMAN app of Pinterest marketing.

Tip: Suggested Pinning Ratio – 80% Yours 20% Theirs.

• Schedule Your Pin to Relevant Boards

Inside Tailwind, you can create a Board lists from which you can list all the boards that you want a specified pin to go very quickly.

For example:

Weight loss Tips (this is a list)

These are the boards under that list:

  • Weight loss Tips (Group board)
  • Weight loss Tips for Beginners (Group board)
  • Weight loss Tips for Teens (Group board)

So what does this means?

When your scheduling, you can easily click on this list for us to easily schedule a pin that we want, without finding each board every time.

This is one of the main reason why getting Tailwind is important. (hassle free)

• Join Tailwind Tribes

Inside tailwind…there are a lot of Tribes that you can join.

It’s more of a group board inside Tailwind but on a more deeper level.

Because in Tailwind Tribes, we can easily share our own pins to the tribe members.

Usually, Tribes have rules that require other members to repin other Pins from the member of the tribes as well.

Meaning…more engagement.

You can easily know who Pins your pins and say your gratitude by giving a message. Or repinning his or her content that benefits your own page too.

It’s more of Win-Win solution for serious Pinners. Yes?

• Create Multiple pins for each of your posts

Numbers game Ei?

There’s a saying that if you try to throw many things in the wall, the higher the percentage that something will stick.

It’s a tested formula.

• Search for keywords in your topics (Ninja Way)

Inside Pinterest ad, there’s a secret Pinterest Keyword finder that will let you know how many people are searching for that keyword.

With that said, we can use this keyword whenever we type your Pinterest pin descriptions, or putting a title on your pins.

We can also use these keywords in your boards as well.

Always remember that Pinterest users type keywords in the search bar.

• Optimize your pin descriptions with Keywords




You probably listed all the keywords that you can use.

This is the time that we use that words into fruition by putting that in the Pinterest descriptions.

• Follow more pinners you see in your feed


Followwww more pinners…

If you have a Pinterest app already on your phone.

You can follow more pinners that you see in the feed, especially those people who are worthy of following, like the people who shared your content to a lot of people.

• Create a board lists in Tailwind of your boards

I’ve probably said this before.

Because people always forget they can actually take away the stress of repinning their pins to their boards


By creating a board list per topic.

• Pinterest Marketing Calendar

If you want your year to be fruitful, this calendar will be a great help.

This will instruct you what to pin especially during seasonal months.

  • New Year
  • Valentines day
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Christmas
  • Etc..

This Pinterest Marketing Calendar act as a guideline…but this is not a MUST.

It depends on your niche…but it’s helpful for your account to pin seasonal posts, that makes your account on the radar.

Create More boards

So you have a couple of boards that relate to your main blog topic.

Now, to give us a boost I will create more boards that will make your Pinterest page more professional by creating more boards that have relevance to your blog.

• Manual Pinning

Now that we set up your Pinterest. I can do the manual pinning to give your account more activity.

More activity means…more engagement.

More engagement means more followers.

• Join Pin-specific Facebook groups

There a ton of facebook groups out there that you can join from which you can connect and thrive with.

Finding 2 or 3 of those groups related to your topic are quite helpful.

Especially if you want to collaborate with them like creating a tribes, or collaborate with your group boards.

• Create a Pin for Your freebies (to grow email list)

We can create freebies out of your blog posts to grow your email list.

If you have a funnel page, we can create a set of Pins that direct to that page.

(Funny thing happens when people do this.)

Because they can easily get emails inside Pinterest by just doing this.

• Follow bloggers in your niche

I already mentioned this before…this actually getting more repetitive now.

Create more boards

This one too.

Because I’m going to create more boards regularly, so I regularly mentioned this step.

• Insert a Pin Image Inside Your Blog

We can actually create a Pinterest Pin inside your blog post so that people can easily pin this on their profile.

Bottom Line

If you’d like to have a lot of audience that will read your blog, Pinterest can give that to you.

By consistently following this strategy, I know from the bottom of my heart that you will have the engagement that you’re looking for.

Or if you want me to help you. Just shoot me an email chadgodoyofficial(at) so we can make a strategy call.