I Quit My 9-5 job Years Ago

Wayback 4 years ago, I was an employee.

I work for a mining company sa Angono, Rizal as a cadet engineer.

I’m the one who take cares sa mga equipment ng planta and ako ang nag dedesign ng iba pang kagamitan that the plant needs.

Pero gaya ng marami, I was tired everyday working six days a week plus the overtime.

So I decided to look for other opportunities that is not tiring but enjoyable, if it pays higher than my job, well much better.

Then one day…

While I was talking with my supervisor during break time, he told me something that completely changed my life.

He says…

“Chad, there is someone that’s teaching how to work from Home daw doing marketing and other stuff. I know you’re looking for some work online, maybe you can check his website.”

He gave me the website then I subscribe sa email newsletter nya.

He’s my master, the Great Jomar Hilario.

The cool thing about the seminar is that , I don’t need to go out and attend. It’s just a on a webinar setting so It’s not hard to watch it.

It also has a recording that you can replay pag di mo napanood.

The lesson on that day is..

“How to Create Goals sa Buhay Mo”.

And how to strategize to make that goal as a reality.

And he ask us to list down our goals yung mga gusto naming makamit.

Something we want to be an expert with.


  • I want to be physically fit and healthy.
  • I want to travel around the world.
  • I want to earn sa Bahay lang to provide the needs of my family minus the stress.

So we’re so excited about it…parang bata lang na may mga wishes sa nanay nila.

And then my master said.

Now, that you set these goals that you want to achieve, I want you to divide it by 5.

Why five?

Because it takes 5 years to become an expert at anything. (For most, di lahat)

Well, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it the very first day.

If you try to become and expert in basketball, that doesn’t mean expert kana agad-agad.

But, it doesn’t mean either you cannot dribble the ball the first day di ba?

Same as dancing, zumbaing, or mountain climbing.

So, that’s the lesson.

And also, he teaches us how to strategize and create tactics, so that, we can do it in a systematic way.

Di pede chamba-chamba lang mahirap yun.

Para kang nag darts tapos you’re praying you will hit the bullseye with your eyes closed.

So fast forward…

I’m asking myself did I achieved that goal to work sa bahay lang?

I can say YES.

Given that I earn millions doing it part-time.

I can now safe to say that I qualified to say YES.

YES! I love my work.

I have this opportunity to help business owners achieved their goals and ROIs (return of investment).

And I’m very grateful and have no regrets of quitting my safe job years ago.

Because not just I can work sa bahay lang but I can also do my hobbies daily like I’m doing the gardening and stuff.

P.S. There’s always an opportunity for something better and more meaning ful ways how to earn from home.

If you think you’re up for the challenge you can send me a reply and ask questions, and I will answer it with the best of my abilities.

Chad Godoy

Let’s create some awesomeness.