How to Make Your Prospects Wiggle their Tails While Raising Your Cookie Service

Whether it’s a new prospect.

An on-going client.

Or some freebie seekers.

There is always an ethical way you can pitch your service that can make your prospect wiggle their tails while reading or listening to your sales pitch.

Yes, you should not be afraid of pitching your service to new prospects or upselling a long-term client.

Coz they want it, business people are always looking for ways to develop their business or to outsmart their competition.

So if you have something to offer to them, well what are you waiting for?

Make them wiggle their tails by offering some of your delicious cookie services.

(But there’s a caveat to this, always remember: People love to buy something, but they don’t want to be sold)


For starters, before you raise your voice to bark your delicious cookie service/product or what d’ hell you want to call it, you have to set up the tone for it.


“By Creating a Vision”

You see, vision drives decision. – Jim Camp (FBI’s Best Negotiator Coach of all time)

Before your prospect makes a decision, they always have a mere glimpse of what type of cookie they want (but not a clear one).

Without a clear vision, they will not take a bite of your cookie.

In fact, it could go the other way if you push them to put it inside their mouths.

So how I’m going to do it then?

By looking into their worldview.

Addressing all possible experiences they are having right now.

Whether they are losing sales, not having a lot of traffic to their website, or not knowing what their market is buying, etc…

In other words…an existing or possible scenario they are having right now.

Problems, challenges, that are currently stressing them.

Or that simple itch that they can’t scratch because they don’t have the time to do it.

You’re always safe inside their worlds – Jim Camp

Okay…NOW for the second part.

Well, by the time that they reach this part.

You must already create that vision in their minds…

That worldview, so they can digest this part.

This is the part that their tails will wiggle faster than ever!

Whether it will increase their sales, get them a lead, lose some beer bellies or lessen the amount of time they need to do something when they eat it.

The magic that will poof all the problems and pains with one swish.

That swish that they want.

And that is what you’re going to give them.

You have to answer…

What’s in it for me (warff warfff).?

Okay, for the third part…

Before you jump into the conclusion that your prospect will bite your delicious cookie service or quesadilla.

You have to take note that these lovely people must be the most skeptic buyers of all time.

These people have the best possible NO’s that will stop them to buy your cookie.

So what do you have to do?

You have to answer it.

As simple as that.

But you have to answer it by looking for a NO.

What’s up with these NO’s?

NO’s are objections and can be this following but not limited to…

> Price (although it’s not a major objection, you see if you did a good job creating a vision, this will not be a NO after all)

> Proofs

> Skillset

> Experience

> Duration

> Technology

> People who will stop them biting this cookie (it could be their parents, spouse, girlfriend, mentors, their dog, or some whiners around them)

> Guarantees (for losers of course)

> The Weather

> Citizenship

> Your Voice

> Your time zone

Etc…there will be a lot so you have to take note of it.

Okay, NOW…for the last thing. (or can be the first thing)

Take it or Leave it Attitude.

Whatever they do…whether they bite it or not.

Always keep a peace of mind, and stop being needy.


Chad Godoy

Let’s create some awesomeness.

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Peace out!