How ants teach us to prepare for the better days

I don’t have something in mind today to write.

My mind was so tired because of my work the other day.

It was non-stop because a client of mine which is going to the Philippines this coming April 29 wanted me to rush some few things about a social media campaign for his weight loss challenge group.

And while I was doing that, I also need to onboard a new client that bought my Pinterest marketing services, gratefully, contract also started yesterday.

So I’ve got swamped with work, mostly designing images, social media campaign etc.

Okay moving on…

I saw ants here in my desks who’s primary objective was to get the crumbs of some Clover chips and biscuits that I eat last night.

It’s summer so usually, we are seeing ants everywhere who gathers food for the upcoming rainy season.


during rainy season, they just hide themselves in their colony, enjoying the cold temperature while (maybe), kasi hindi naman natin sila nakikita, ay nag kakape rin sa loob ng mga lungga nila.

Kasi ano pa nga ba ang gagawin nila sa mga asukal, kape, coffeemate at bread crumbs na iniimbak nila?

Under the heat of the sun, they work (non-stop) for the future, di alintana ang pagod, puyat at bigat nang dala-dala nila mapaghandaan lang ang future party-party nila.

That’s how ants do.

They prepare for the better days ahead.

Okay, now that I’m on the subject about Ants Future Preparations.

I just want to make a point that like ants, you can prepare for your better days din if you are interested to start your work from home career.

You can prevent the disaster of failing when you start early and don’t wait for the bad things to happen before you act.

You don’t need to wait for your boss to release your termination paper, or you need some big amount of money because your parents got sick at kelangan mo na nang malaking pera for the hospital bills.

And mostly, people act when they are on that position. When the rain starts to come in, tsaka lang tayo nag iimbak.

Especially in our finances, and business ventures.

Mostly or majority of Filipinos don’t have emergency funds, investments, or at least savings na kailangan na kailangan. Especially kapag may mga sakuna.

Kaya ang cases, nauuwi sa pag ka baon sa utang. (Well, hindi naman lahat).

And we don’t want that!

Now, the lesson that these ants are teaching us to prepare for the better days, not the worst days are helpful.

Similarly on how I teach people how to work from home.

Preparing the mind of my students to condition them to win before even starting. By giving them a big picture of what is about to happen.

And how to act small by giving them small but actionable workloads so that they can accomplish big things na hindi sila na buburnout.

Gaya ng mga tipaklong na pag umulan lang nag hahanap ng pagkain.

Kaya palaging naghihingi sa mga langgam.

Okay folks, that would be it, kasi mag brebreakfast na ako.

Chad Godoy

Let’s create some awesomeness.

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