If you have pain, use it.

If you have pain use it

I sense great fear in you Skywalker. You have hate. You have anger. But you don’t use it. – Count Dooku | Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

Great businesses and people have been successful because of pain.

It’s one of the most underrated assets a man will ever have. 

So if you have it, instead of feeling broken, lost, failure, miserable or helpless…

You have to celebrate it.


 Because it’s a gift. 

It’s one of the most precious gifts you will ever have for the rest of your life.

Let me give you an example…

The man who in invented Facebook suffered from tremendous pain.

Her ex left him because she thinks that Mark Zuckerberg cannot play nice with people (because he’s a nerd).

He also not being allowed to enter and join one of the most prestigious clubs in Harvard.

“The Porcellian Club”.

Well, …he was dumped, isolated, rejected and excommunicated.

So what did he do?

He invented Facebook.

One of the biggest Social Media Platform today.

In other words…he create the biggest club in the World. 


Aldrich Killian (a disabled – ugly guy) in Iron Man 3 who was a raving fan of Tony Stark, asks Tony for a short chat regarding an idea proposal about biosynthesis. 

It’s about synthesizing plant capabilities with the human body, and it was exceptional.

But what did Tony do?

He left him hanging on the rooftop chilling in subzero weather, while he party with the people who join him celebrate the new year, then enjoy having sex after.

Because of that painful experience.

Aldrich becomes CEO of A.I.M or the Advanced Idea Mechanics and becomes a multimillionaire.

He created the terrorist “The Mandarin” who wage terror and lure Tony to his plans.

Destroying his mansion, making him weak, miserable, and full of anxieties.

Well here’s the point…

If you’re in pain, don’t cry like a baby.

USE it.

Turn your tears into treasured gold. 

Chad Godoy 

Let’s create some awesomeness.

Why You Should Not Let Your Client Control Your Copies

Why You Should Not Let Your Client Control The Dosage


Two weeks ago, I got rather interesting feedback from a client who asks me to create a cold email pitch for his service.

And here’s what he said:

“Chad has great writing skills and provided out of box thinking. However, at times I felt that he wasn’t very eager to receive feedback and offered me to end the contract in the mid of the process.” – anonymous Tide Hunter


I had to wonder if he had a point.

Looking on his feedback, I’m so grateful that at least he appreciates my great writing style and out of the box thinking.

But then…

He mentioned that I don’t accept feedbacks when it comes to my work, this and that.

Well here’s my point:

If he’s my patient and I’m his doctor…

Do you think I will allow him to control the dosage of the medicine that I’m about to give him?

I guess that’s absurd (in my humble opinion).

You see, the majority of clients are so demanding about their work requirements.

Some of them will tell you so much nonsense about their needs but hardly pinpoint what’s wrong about what they are doing.

Well, not everyone of course.

And I guess it’s my fault that I did not explain to him clearly that he cannot touch my copy not because I have an ADHD or whatever.

But I don’t want his emotional attachment to his service or product to wrap around and ruined my work.


If you want to taste some great email writing style and out of the box approach when it comes to email.

You have the option to email your uncooperative out of the box email marketer at chadgodoy(at)gmail(dot)com.

Till next time.

Chad Godoy

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What to do if you’re A Snail Reader

What to do if youre A Snail Reader

Just like you, I used to suffer from snail reading.

The constantly slow reading and then forgetting it was miserable.

It was miserable…

And I really feel for anyone else having the same problems.

But you know what?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

You see, one day while I was surfing Youtube, I had this weird video about how to solve my reading problems. So I decided to watch it!

So I tried it to see what happen.

And much to my surprise…it worked!

In fact, it worked so quickly I almost thought it was a “fluke”.

But it wasn’t a fluke.

IT DOES work.

And, I believe it can eliminate your slow reading and forgetfulness, too.

I show you exactly what I did and how you can do the same thing on the next line.

Well…what to do?


Point your finger below the line of the words, sentence you’re reading and poof!

You will improve your reading time.

Plus…it will improve your FOCUS too!

Now hurry.

Try and test it yourself.

And, if you want to see the exact video of Jim Kwik the brain expert, so you can also listen to his magnetic voice while learning to improve your reading skill.

You have the option of your life to watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VkT4M6mUi3w

Chad Godoy

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Beautiful Teeth Expert Advice to Procrastinators

Teeth Expert Advice to Procrastinators


I’ve stepped inside my dentist clinic for filling, cleaning, and dental checkups.

Unfortunately, my beautiful teeth doctor is kinda a bit late so I waited for an hour before she took care of me. And frankly, it’s my fault because I did not take the time to ask for a schedule, and just act as a walk-in patient, and I deserved it.

So what’s next?

Yes, I sit down and open my mouth wide, while she’s checking me up, she gave me a mirror so I can see what she’s doing and how horrible the status of teeth are in.

She easily noticed that I have a big hole on my left upper side tooth that needs immediate attention. There are also six minor teeth that need filling but not in critical condition. And there is one tooth that needs a more serious operation.

Even better…

She asked me to get an X-ray of my front teeth, to make it assure that we capture the tooths infection condition. It doesn’t cost that much, for four hundred Philippine pesos, she gave me a picture of what’s happening inside those teeth, and why the other looks different.

So what’s happened?
She gave me two options…

  1. Extraction – to pull my teeth.
  2. Root Canal – to kill the nerve of my teeth.

So without much thought…I choose the second one.


First is I don’t want to wear a prosthetic tooth replacement.

Secondly, she told me stories about how we’re going to make it beautiful and all of that.

Plus, she horrified me that if we procrastinate and wait for months until I experience such excruciating pain because of the infection, and how it will gradually affect it’s brothers nearby.

It will be a big mess.

So here’s the point:

Most of us (not just me), have these procrastinating habits to do what’s needs to be done. Not just in the area of orthodontics, but in finance, relationships and sometimes spirituality.

And most of the times…

We wait for the moment where we are in massive pain, debt (in the case of finance), or loss of a loved one (relationship).

Same as in orthodontics, business, and some areas of our life as well.

Just imagine if I did not go to the dentist until I felt so much pain what would happen to me?

I guess, in my opinion, if I get that massive infection, it will also affect the cost of the operation, my work, and some family members who are busy with their lives to take care of me.

It will be going to have a “Domino Effect”.

My God!

So, I did not wait for it to happen, she prescribes some meds (antibiotics) to cure the infection and schedule the operation right away.

And the lesson is…

Don’t wait, it’s better to get moving rather than meditating (or procrastinating).

Chad Godoy

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How to Block Writers Block By Simply Stepping Inside The Shower Room.

How to Block Wrtiers Block

One of the hardest things for a writer is to sit down, look at the dreaded page and bleed to death for ideas.

I tell you…

For years of being a wannabe copywriter, writer’s block is one of my notorious enemies, not just for me, but for people who took the same path as with me.

But, here’s what I’ll discover…

One of the ways you can stop this myth is to step inside the shower room, take out your briefs, turn on half the hot water, turn on half the cold water, mix the temperature well, and as the water pours into your body, in just minutes…

Ideas start to strike in like lightning.

Well, I did not invent this.

In fact, one of the Mind’s greatest speaker living Jim Kwik tells that whenever we are taking our showers, our mind is in the “Theta State”.

Meaning, our minds start to wonder and our subconscious mind is at play.

Whenever we are washing our body with soap and doing some scrubbing.

We think of things that are related to what we are about to do, especially those important things that involve problem-solving, creativity and focus.

This is no joke.

If you think I’m wishy-washy about this, you can try it today or tomorrow.

Just don’t forget to bring your pen and paper.

It’s so crazy not to write those ideas, and forget it after you brush your teeth.

Chad Godoy

Let’s create some awesomeness.

P.S. If you don’t go to the bath, I have something in mind to tell you, in the next incoming article.

An Open Letter to My Dearest Friend who Loves His girlfriend Very Much

An Open Letter to My Dearest Friend who Loves His girlfriend Very Much

Dear Adrian,

They said that a true friend is a gift from God.

That you can only count them in your most dominant hand.

And, the only way to know whether they are true or not is when disaster strikes you.

But Mennn…

You’ve proved that you’re not just a friend to me. You’re a BROTHER.

A few years ago, I experienced the darkest moments of my life, that even now has its shadows following me within my heart.

It tested how strong the foundation that I’ve built in my twenty-six years of existence as a human being. But I can tell you, and as you know it, it falls to the ground. (Brick-by-Brick)

It breaks not just my heart, but my soul.

But after some years of agony and pain, I’ve learned to pick myself up and stand again with confidence.

And last December…

I’ve decided to offer my life to something that I’m so afraid to do, and that is writing.

Writing gives me a way to loosen my insanity. It makes my mind so occupied, that even there are sexy girls in front of me I really don’t care. (Even it’s size C or D whatever).

Well, it’s not my prime occupation right now, but a part-time trade with some perks that come along with it.

I write for people all across the grid…CEO’s, founders, the right hand of founders (you name it).

Well, man, it feels like I’m not working. (Chuckles)

Now why I’m saying you this?

Well, I just want to thank you, for everything you’ve done (including the insults), and I’m grateful that I have a friend like you (and Ai of course).

Without you, this has not been possible.

As Gary Halbert (one of the greatest copywriters ever lived) once said…

You’re the most useful skin God ever created for me.

You’re a shred of living evidence that in life, we need a good friend to sing with, laugh with and be with in times of despair.

I hope you have a nice life, and you’re rocking your day wherever you are reading this right now.

Your dearest friend from the shadows,

Chad Godoy

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The Most Embarrassing Email to The Vice President of a Multinational Company

So I remember when I was still in the corporate, working as a crappy purchasing agent.

I send my most embarrassing email ever created by a pawn to her queen.

And, to give you a little context what this email is about, well, here we GO.

This email is about a request to purchase additional forklifts, that, are barely needed by the production line (in one of our cement plants).

Unfortunately, the budget is so ass-tight that adding those biggy crabby lifters that help the company speed up the loading of cement bags to hauling trucks is on hold.

So after the day, I processed the necessary documents, regarding the purchase of those forklifts.

The morning after, I received a disaster email from the Big Boss (I call her witch) Miss Ian, just like how Ron in the Harry Potter receives a growling message from her mother when he steals his father flying car in the middle of the night to rescue poor Harry Potter from his deadly uncle Vernon.

Anyway, she nagged me why I am eagerly pushing such purchase, even there’s already a memo not to increase units, especially those expensive lifters (that look like crabs).

With that email, I decided to counter the message.

With all my might and enthusiasm I reason out why I’m purchasing it blah-blah-blah. And then I pushed the magic button. SEND.

What I did not notice is that I also send the grammar suggestions, of the fix my grammar app that I’m using (because of copy and paste habits – I accidentally included it in the email).

This app tells you how was your grammar is doing and all the details that come with it. Including the number of words you’ve used, what grade your writing was, how many adverbs you pitch out, the no. of prepositions, and how strong you wrote your message/article or in my case email.

Fortunately, the witch did not care about those red highlighted words and grammar suggestions (I just can’t imagine her face, while reading it).

But she focuses on the substance of the email which the benefits that we will have if we buy those lifters.

Well, the lesson is.

It’s not how perfect you created your email or how grammatically correct they are that is important.

But if you have a good offer, well that is all that matters folks.

Don’t be afraid to send it, if there’s a big idea behind it.

And if you’re entirely afraid of writing it, maybe one day you will ask me how to do it.

Adios amigo…

Chad Godoy

Let’s create some awesomeness.

A Whacky Crazy Way To Skin a Book

Recently, I’ve watched the Movie Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban.

I don’t know how many times I’ve watched the series but one of my favorite part of it is the Azkaban.

Not because of Harry’s Godfather (the Prisoner) but because of Hermione Granger.

You see…

Granger love’s to study very much.

She is a master of spells, a witch with an extraordinary memory. That whenever she’s in danger, she knows what counter spell to cast.

Well…if you already watched it I know you can relate to this.

So, there’s a part in the movie where Granger uses a watch which allows her to return back time. (more like a time machine)

She uses it to allow her to attend two classes at the same time by multiplying herself with the use of the watch.

She attends her regular class and another one that is much more advanced.

Well…who does that kind of thing?

It’s kinda bit whacky and crazy but hey it’s freaking smart.

Now, why am I telling you this?

Well, you see…

We don’t have the same watch that can return back time like Granger has to study our favorite books.

But there is a way you can learn more from your books that most of the people don’t know.

And this practice will not just take out the juice from it but you will pick the writers brain by doing this. (more like reading his mind – so spooky but it works)

So what is the spell?

“Re-write it.”

Yes, just it.

Re-write it and you will see the magic behind it.

It might take you four times or five times the time versus reading it, but you will keep four or five times the juice from it to your brain. (In my humble opinion of course)

It’s the same with ads, content, and emails I copied from A-list copywriters, coaches, novelist, some billboards and anything I can have my hands on.

That’s why my emails are not as boring as other people’s email. That’s why people interact with it.

And in some cases buys from it.

Chad Godoy

Let’s create some awesomeness.

P.S. If you’re frustrated and in dire need of emails that will make your list buy with laughter, or you need a horrific story to tell.

Well, just send me an email: chadgodoy

Adios Amigo.

How to Make Your Prospects Wiggle their Tails While Raising Your Cookie Service

How to make your prospects wiggle their tails

Whether it’s a new prospect.

An on-going client.

Or some freebie seekers.

There is always an ethical way you can pitch your service that can make your prospect wiggle their tails while reading or listening to your sales pitch.

Yes, you should not be afraid of pitching your service to new prospects or upselling a long-term client.

Coz they want it, business people are always looking for ways to develop their business or to outsmart their competition.

So if you have something to offer to them, well what are you waiting for?

Make them wiggle their tails by offering some of your delicious cookie services.

(But there’s a caveat to this, always remember: People love to buy something, but they don’t want to be sold)


For starters, before you raise your voice to bark your delicious cookie service/product or what d’ hell you want to call it, you have to set up the tone for it.


“By Creating a Vision”

You see, vision drives decision. – Jim Camp (FBI’s Best Negotiator Coach of all time)

Before your prospect makes a decision, they always have a mere glimpse of what type of cookie they want (but not a clear one).

Without a clear vision, they will not take a bite of your cookie.

In fact, it could go the other way if you push them to put it inside their mouths.

So how I’m going to do it then?

By looking into their worldview.

Addressing all possible experiences they are having right now.

Whether they are losing sales, not having a lot of traffic to their website, or not knowing what their market is buying, etc…

In other words…an existing or possible scenario they are having right now.

Problems, challenges, that are currently stressing them.

Or that simple itch that they can’t scratch because they don’t have the time to do it.

You’re always safe inside their worlds – Jim Camp

Okay…NOW for the second part.

Well, by the time that they reach this part.

You must already create that vision in their minds…

That worldview, so they can digest this part.

This is the part that their tails will wiggle faster than ever!

Whether it will increase their sales, get them a lead, lose some beer bellies or lessen the amount of time they need to do something when they eat it.

The magic that will poof all the problems and pains with one swish.

That swish that they want.

And that is what you’re going to give them.

You have to answer…

What’s in it for me (warff warfff).?

Okay, for the third part…

Before you jump into the conclusion that your prospect will bite your delicious cookie service or quesadilla.

You have to take note that these lovely people must be the most skeptic buyers of all time.

These people have the best possible NO’s that will stop them to buy your cookie.

So what do you have to do?

You have to answer it.

As simple as that.

But you have to answer it by looking for a NO.

What’s up with these NO’s?

NO’s are objections and can be this following but not limited to…

> Price (although it’s not a major objection, you see if you did a good job creating a vision, this will not be a NO after all)

> Proofs

> Skillset

> Experience

> Duration

> Technology

> People who will stop them biting this cookie (it could be their parents, spouse, girlfriend, mentors, their dog, or some whiners around them)

> Guarantees (for losers of course)

> The Weather

> Citizenship

> Your Voice

> Your time zone

Etc…there will be a lot so you have to take note of it.

Okay, NOW…for the last thing. (or can be the first thing)

Take it or Leave it Attitude.

Whatever they do…whether they bite it or not.

Always keep a peace of mind, and stop being needy.


Chad Godoy

Let’s create some awesomeness.

P.S: For people who are looking for options and seeking information on how to work from home…you can always visit http://workfromhomelaunchpad.com for details.

Peace out!

Small Time Crooks who Extracts Mucho’s from you

Make money being a hustler

Without hustle.

talent will only carry you so far.

– Gary Vaynerchuck

Hey folks,

Just recently.

While I was about to go to the convenience store to buy some drinks.

One of my neighbour, who is also my uncle approached me when I was about to pass their house.

Well, when he was about 5 meters away, he throws a question to me asking…

Uncle: Hey, how are you Chad?

Chad: I’m right! Not that busy but occupied.

Uncle: Well, that’s great. Wow, how’s the farm? I bet Lolo will going to be proud of you. (Lolo means grandfather in Filipino)

Chad: The farm is great! Although, I’m not there all the time because I’m busy doing some business online.

And, He smiles, touch my shoulder a little bit.

Then after that, he said.

Uncle: Aha! I know you’re a hustler, I saw your posts on Facebook, you’ve been posting ways how to make money online.

Chad: Yeah, I do jobs like SEO and Virtual Assistant stuff like social media, emails, errr…ummhh.

Uncle: Oh yeah? (And there’s that weird face that means he doesn’t understand what I’m saying.)

Then we chit-chat a little bit more, after that, we said our goodbyes.

Anyway, to be honest.

I don’t know what a hustler means, so I tried to ask our best friends Google and Quora to answer it for me.

Here we go.


“An aggressively enterprising person; a go-getter.”

“An enterprising person determine to succeed.”

“A person adept at aggressive selling or illicit dealing.”

“A prostitute.”


“A small-time crook who extracts money from you through cunning and pushiness.”

Okay, that’s enough for me to know what it means.

But while I’m looking for the meaning of it. I’ve read a fascinating comment from a lawyer.

I get this from Quora by the way, and he said.

“However, a hustler doesn’t necessarily mean 100% smalltime or a crook.

It can be applied to non-crooks and even the high class for generally pushy behaviour and the general attitude of squeezing any advantage out of you.

Lawyers (like me!), bankers, insurance agents, and salespeople are often branded as hustlers.

– Robert Charles Lee, Paintbroker, Financial Painter, Ex-Lawyer

So there you have it!

A hustler is a high-class go-getter.

Anyways, I will be launching my high-class Batman-Themed Email letter templates for people who want to get the sales out from emails.

I know sometimes, it’s hard to make emails day in day out without pulling your hair.


Pull it no more.

You can fall in line to get the Special Edition Batman Themed Email Templates that you can set as a structure or copy for your next email pitch.

Click the link below:


Chad Godoy