Why People You Love The Most Often Take You For Granted and Hurt You

There’s this woman who used to date a man during her college years.

She’s so in love to him that she gave up her studies when the guy asked her to marry him and live with him for good.

Well, during the early days of their relationship it was so good.

It’s sweet and intimate. Almost no problems. Just happiness and excitement.

Then eventually the woman gets pregnant and the relationship starts to get sour.

They guy fell into drug addiction and gambling.

And often times… the woman caught him cheating, which resulted to a new family. (In other words, third party)

At this time, they have two sons already. (A 7 year old boy, and a 6 months old baby).

From which umaasa lang sa father-in-law nila.

Kasi medyo may kaya.

They are politicians kasi, so medyo may pera.

But then…the woman got miserable and eventually leave the house of her father-in-law kasi hindi na siya makatiis.

She went back to her mother and ask for forgiveness.

Along with her two babies.

To support her two babies she decided to go to Korea for work.

She did everything she could just to make ends meet.

She work in a factory, in the cold farmlands, as a dish washer, and sometimes as a Guest Relation Officer.


Hindi siya sinuerete, so she goes back in the Philippines because she cannot carry the burden anymore. Working as a TNT in Korea is a hard job. Labor work is hard because she works at night.


When she came back to Philippines she decided to work as an OFW again, but this time. She’s bound to Bahrain.

She works as a waitress in Hard Rock cafe.

She dance, she serve, she dine.

Hard Rockers! They call it.

Then eventually she met a man in Hard Rock who fell in love with her.

Because the woman is so pretty. She’s so white.

Not just that. She has a tremendous FIGHTING SPIRIT.

Fast forward…

Napatapos niya ng college ang mga anak niya.

Isang IT at isang Engineer.

They have their own business na at pretty sure they enjoy their lives everyday because of the hardship of their mom.

And you know what?

The Engineer was me.

So what’s the catch of this story?

Well, often times, kung sino pa ang siyang nag mamahal, nag hahabol, nag papakatanga, siya pa ang pinag sasamantalahan di ba?

But you know what?

There’s this art on how you can make people beg you to comeback to their life.

Mapa ex boyfriend man yan o ex husband.

And that technique will be going to be part 4 of the online course that I will launch in June for those people who have interest to make people beg for their attention.

That even the relatives (you don’t like), fierce competitors, or classmates will notice.

And that my friend is one of the most important fundamentals when you want to attract clients who pay you more dollar in less hours work.

So stay tuned if you want that.

Chad Godoy

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You Don’t Need to Outrun a Bear to Beat Your Competition.

How to beat your competition

There are two people in a wood, and they run into a bear. The first person gets down on his knees to pray; the second person starts lacing up His boots. The first person asked the second person, My Dear Friend, what are you doing? You can’t outrun a bear. To which the second person responds as…“I don’t have to. I only have to outrun you.”

I know…its a lame joke.
But still a TRUE one.

And while it’s fun finding cool cheap and free stuff, you need on the internet for you to outrun your competition.

I have an exciting set of email templates that you can set as a framework for your emails.

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It is a Batman-Themed Business to Business Email Templates.
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Chad Godoy

Small Time Crooks who Extracts Mucho’s from you

Make money being a hustler

Without hustle.

talent will only carry you so far.

– Gary Vaynerchuck

Hey folks,

Just recently.

While I was about to go to the convenience store to buy some drinks.

One of my neighbour, who is also my uncle approached me when I was about to pass their house.

Well, when he was about 5 meters away, he throws a question to me asking…

Uncle: Hey, how are you Chad?

Chad: I’m right! Not that busy but occupied.

Uncle: Well, that’s great. Wow, how’s the farm? I bet Lolo will going to be proud of you. (Lolo means grandfather in Filipino)

Chad: The farm is great! Although, I’m not there all the time because I’m busy doing some business online.

And, He smiles, touch my shoulder a little bit.

Then after that, he said.

Uncle: Aha! I know you’re a hustler, I saw your posts on Facebook, you’ve been posting ways how to make money online.

Chad: Yeah, I do jobs like SEO and Virtual Assistant stuff like social media, emails, errr…ummhh.

Uncle: Oh yeah? (And there’s that weird face that means he doesn’t understand what I’m saying.)

Then we chit-chat a little bit more, after that, we said our goodbyes.

Anyway, to be honest.

I don’t know what a hustler means, so I tried to ask our best friends Google and Quora to answer it for me.

Here we go.


“An aggressively enterprising person; a go-getter.”

“An enterprising person determine to succeed.”

“A person adept at aggressive selling or illicit dealing.”

“A prostitute.”


“A small-time crook who extracts money from you through cunning and pushiness.”

Okay, that’s enough for me to know what it means.

But while I’m looking for the meaning of it. I’ve read a fascinating comment from a lawyer.

I get this from Quora by the way, and he said.

“However, a hustler doesn’t necessarily mean 100% smalltime or a crook.

It can be applied to non-crooks and even the high class for generally pushy behaviour and the general attitude of squeezing any advantage out of you.

Lawyers (like me!), bankers, insurance agents, and salespeople are often branded as hustlers.

– Robert Charles Lee, Paintbroker, Financial Painter, Ex-Lawyer

So there you have it!

A hustler is a high-class go-getter.

Anyways, I will be launching my high-class Batman-Themed Email letter templates for people who want to get the sales out from emails.

I know sometimes, it’s hard to make emails day in day out without pulling your hair.


Pull it no more.

You can fall in line to get the Special Edition Batman Themed Email Templates that you can set as a structure or copy for your next email pitch.

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Chad Godoy

Wounded Children Living in An Adult Bodies – Affects Buying Behavior

Wounded Children Living in An Adult Bodies

It’s really important to think about that this isn’t a technical thing we do its an art and there are technicalities to it but uhhh..its really just about understanding that person we are writing to –

Steven Rogers (Nobody Writes Alone Seminar)

Hey Folks,

Last February,

I’ve got a rather interesting copywriting lesson from an A-list copywriter by the name of Parris Lampropoulos.

Wonder who’s Parris was?

Parris is one of the Famous A-List Copywriter the world has to offer.

He’s a true badass.

He’s a secret weapon behind several 7-8-9 figures businesses.

He’s the guy that they sort to slip-in to fix controls and grow businesses.

That is his speciality, taking businesses to a higher level from where they are now.

He’s a consistent winner beating other people controls time and time again.

He’s one of the authors of the famous magazines “Bottomline Personal and Men’s Health” who wrote most of its winning advertisement.

Those advertisements give him a lots of mucho dinero to pay for his mortgage and for him to afford a decent lifestyle.

So, you know what I mean do you?

Control is the winning advertisement…that means more cheques for him.

Anyways, the title of the talk is…

Irresistible attraction: How to compel People to Buy by “Pushing their Buttons”

And to answer that question…

He talks about the 11 Schemas from the book: Reinventing your life by Jeffrey Young.

He said, “These schemas relate to people buying behaviour”.

That…during our childhood years, there are those experiences that happen to our lives that affects us even today when we buy something.

And, here are the 11 Schemas:

Abandonment – and the quote is “Please don’t leave me.”

Mistrust – and the quote is “People cannot be trusted.”

Dependents – and the quote is “I need to tell me what to do.”

Vulnerability – and the quote is “The world is an unsafe place”

Deprivation – and the quote is “I never get what I need”

Social Exclusion – and the quote is “I want to be one of the cool kids”

Unrelenting Standards – and the quote is “ I want to be the best”

Failure – and the quote is “I am inadequate.”

Defectiveness – and the quote is “I am not lovable.”

Subjugation – and the quote is “I am a people pleaser.”

Entitlement – and the quote is “The rules do not apply to you.”

To explain one of these…let’s take Failure for example.

This relates to one of the famous ads that the Great Gary Halbert ever wrote.

“The Amazing Diet Secret of A Desperate Housewife.”

Desperate meaning hopeless or in other words failing over and over again.


If you want to dig more into these Buying behaviours.

I will be talking  about this with my upcoming Batman-Themed Email Templates that you can use for your business.

So, don’t procrastinate, subscribe here now for the Email Templates.

Chad Godoy

Gary Halbert’s way for Shutting Off Prospects BS Meter

Way for Shutting Off Prospects BS Meter

When I was five years old, my mom and I went to Scandinavia, in a little town in Denmark called Astantine.

We live in a small apartment, that has no heater, no shower, and no internet.

I was young as hell, but we’re so poor, so I have to sell sodas and newspaper for a living.

My mom worked as a housemaid for a rich woman whose husband died in an airplane tragedy near Somalia.

She said that a surface to air missile hit the airplane that the Somalian Pirates bought from the Russians.

He was supposed to be on a business trip in the Asia Pacific, but sadly the airplane was crushed by the explosion.

Fortunately, the poor husband left her a Hedge Fund Management business that has a valuation of 2.7 billion dollars.

The woman is always giving mom a hefty tip whenever she did a good job cleaning her house.

And she always asks my mom to bring me so I can have gifts too.

She gave me books, candy bars, and a puppy.

And then…

When I was sixteen years old, we came back to the Philippines because my mom got sick.

She said that she wants to die in our own country and be buried there.

She has a stage four breast cancer, and the doctor said she only got a minimum of 5 months to live, and there’s no way they can treat her that time.

So we came back home and stayed at my uncle’s house and two months later after we arrived.

She died.

But then before she left me; she gave me her bank account that has a 3.7 million pesos on it plus a painting of a poor child.

She said that the rich woman gave that as separation pay, for ten years of hard work.


I used the money to study and become a doctor. I spent 11 years of nerve breaking and eye burning nights of study.

And right now I specialize in treating patients with Breast Cancer.

I always thought that my mom is happy now in heaven because I help to treat patients with the same illness that killed her.

To cut the story short.

That story is a lie.

I did not go to Scandinavia, and my mom is still alive and kicking.

I lied on purpose to give you a feeling on how to shut off a BS meter of a prospect when you’re trying to sell something.

And that is to tell a story.

Lure them first, entertain them.
Then tell them if they need something you’re offering.

And do you know what is the most often missing ingredient in a sales message? It’s the sales message that doesn’t tell an interesting story. Story telling…good storytelling…is a vital component of a marketing campaign.

Gary Halbert