Beautiful Teeth Expert Advice to Procrastinators


I’ve stepped inside my dentist clinic for filling, cleaning, and dental checkups.

Unfortunately, my beautiful teeth doctor is kinda a bit late so I waited for an hour before she took care of me. And frankly, it’s my fault because I did not take the time to ask for a schedule, and just act as a walk-in patient, and I deserved it.

So what’s next?

Yes, I sit down and open my mouth wide, while she’s checking me up, she gave me a mirror so I can see what she’s doing and how horrible the status of teeth are in.

She easily noticed that I have a big hole on my left upper side tooth that needs immediate attention. There are also six minor teeth that need filling but not in critical condition. And there is one tooth that needs a more serious operation.

Even better…

She asked me to get an X-ray of my front teeth, to make it assure that we capture the tooths infection condition. It doesn’t cost that much, for four hundred Philippine pesos, she gave me a picture of what’s happening inside those teeth, and why the other looks different.

So what’s happened?
She gave me two options…

  1. Extraction – to pull my teeth.
  2. Root Canal – to kill the nerve of my teeth.

So without much thought…I choose the second one.


First is I don’t want to wear a prosthetic tooth replacement.

Secondly, she told me stories about how we’re going to make it beautiful and all of that.

Plus, she horrified me that if we procrastinate and wait for months until I experience such excruciating pain because of the infection, and how it will gradually affect it’s brothers nearby.

It will be a big mess.

So here’s the point:

Most of us (not just me), have these procrastinating habits to do what’s needs to be done. Not just in the area of orthodontics, but in finance, relationships and sometimes spirituality.

And most of the times…

We wait for the moment where we are in massive pain, debt (in the case of finance), or loss of a loved one (relationship).

Same as in orthodontics, business, and some areas of our life as well.

Just imagine if I did not go to the dentist until I felt so much pain what would happen to me?

I guess, in my opinion, if I get that massive infection, it will also affect the cost of the operation, my work, and some family members who are busy with their lives to take care of me.

It will be going to have a “Domino Effect”.

My God!

So, I did not wait for it to happen, she prescribes some meds (antibiotics) to cure the infection and schedule the operation right away.

And the lesson is…

Don’t wait, it’s better to get moving rather than meditating (or procrastinating).

Chad Godoy

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