The Magic on Allowing Yourself to Fail

We are deep-wired not to fail.

During our childhood years, our teachers always tell us to review our lessons for us not to fail.

Our parents push us to be a winner not to be a failure.

Our friends laugh at us when we fail in our test or those honor students always look who fail the exam.

Scenario like…

Who fails? Sino yung mag reretake? Oh bagsak nanaman si X.

But you know what?

There’s magic in failing.

Failing allow us to think differently. To take a different approach. To problem solve. It pushes our creativity in its limits and gets out the resourcefulness within us.

In other words…

It brings the best of us.

“Failure doesn’t mean you will never achieve, it just means it takes a little longer” – Steve Jobs


If you want to be great at something you have to prepare to fail on it.

Whether you’re dreaming to build a business. Or going for a promotion.

You have to be ready to endure pain, long-term suffering, and mockery from other people (especially naysayers).

Be prepared to laugh at. Because people who do extraordinary things are often to be the odd duck or the laughing stock.

Because they are not just people.

They are dreamers. They are believers. They are Winners.

Like Gary Halbert once said…

“Fail 50 times on something if you want to be good at it. If you want to be the best fail more.”

In my online course the “Work From Home Launchpad”.

I allow my students to fail on it.

I don’t expect them to make it perfect first time, the second time, or third time.

Because I know it takes repetition to polish it.

I don’t want them to be a perfectionist.

Just put actions and finish the tasks at hand. And you’re set for your first twenty-five thousand online.

My goal for newbies is to get their first twenty-five thousand at home so that they can have a hang on it.

And eventually, grow it. If you want to read more about it click this link:

Chad Godoy

Let’s create some awesomeness

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A call center agent mom who started working from home…

A have a friend name Jenny who started working from home wayback 4 years ago.

She is one of my coach in the industry and one of the big earners too.

She earn more by doing less work.

She doesn’t have to worry about work anymore becase she owns her own team of virtual workers that’s working with her day and night.

And of course money is not a problem for her either.

Because she is now earning in dollars while at home.

Okay…that is just one side of her story.

On the other side, before she starts her virtual career, Jenny was a graveyard shift call center agent who works in Makati.


She rides the MRT when majority of the people are going home after the hard days work.

Inuumaga na siya ng uwi araw-araw, then pagdating matutulog nalang, tapos pag gising same routine, go back to Makati.

Mahirap…pero kailangan talaga.

She has one daughter and her husband’s income is not enough for the family so napilitan siyang mag work at mag hanap pa ng side-income.

She started working from home…part-time.

Pinagsabay niya ang work sa call-center at studies for her virtual career.

Hanggang dumating ang time na wala na siyang time sa anak niya and nag tatampo na ang husband niya.

Her husband said…

“Paano naman ang time mo sa amin, puro nalang trabaho inaatupag mo, napapabayaan mo na ang anak mo?”

Hanggang napaiyak nalang siya at wala na siyang nasabi.

But the event doesn’t stop her from striving to build her business.

Nag pursige siya hangang mangutang na siya makapag continue lang ng studies niya.

Nag volunteer din siya ng time niya sa mga coaches who conducts seminar malibre lang siya ng lessons.

And then her hard work pays off.

She now earns more than six digits at the comfort of her home with her loving daughter by her side.

Giving the best of life for her family…enjoying vacations, and most of all FREEDOM.

And speaking of freedom…

I’ve launched my course the “Work From Home Launchpad” just recently…

This course focus on how a newbie will get him/her first Twenty-five thousand pesos online. (part-time)

It allows students to create assets online that eventually act as a showcase for their future prospects for them to get hired almost instantly…

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Chad Godoy

Let’s create some awesomeness.

P.S. The first three people who will take this opportunity to invest in themself will going to receive a pretty amazing gift that will help them shine more in the online world.

Deadline to receive the following bonuses below is on May 3, 2019:

  1. The Proven Strategy to Build a Story-telling Business saan ka man sa mundo
  2. How to Make People buy Anything with Words
  3. How to be a highly Paid Pinterest Marketing strategist
  4. How to Make People buy by Pushing their Buttons

Ang muling pagkamatay ng mga empleyado

Vacation is finally over.

After a short-time hapi-happy, balik nanaman sa katotohanan those people who went for their short breaks. (Long weekends)

Kitang-kita ko sa loob ng sasakyan ang mga taong pumipila na naman sa mga sakayan. Pawis na pawis at sobrang nauusukan.

I don’t blame them.

I understand them because they need to work.

They need to live para sa pamilya nila, for their kids, and the people na umaasa sa kanila to survive.


It is really the only way to survive?

Are there no options left that is more meaningful and don’t promote dying bit-by-bit working on something you don’t love or don’t like everyday?


I was talking to a construction worker the other day, he’s our supervisor, nag papagawa kasi kami ng mga establishments…

We are building cute commercial establishments that is made out of container vans, we have ready-to-wear shop, a salon, a computer shop, tapsilugan, milk tea shop, soon to have school supplies and car wash business.

All in one place.

Okay back to the conversation…

The construction guy (itago nalang natin sa pangalang TJ) asked me.

BOSS Chad, paano kaya ako mag kakapera?

CHAD: You know what TJ, your question is RIGHT!

Tama yang tanong mo.

TJ: Bakit naman, BOSS CHAD! Ayan ka na naman eh. Bibiruin mo nanaman ako.

Wala nga akong pera, parang lagi nalang kapos na kapos. Yun tuloy pinag tinda ko na nang halo-halo yung misis ko pamatid uhaw lang sa mga bayarin namin sa bahay.

CHAD: Eh TJ, tama yung tanong mo at buti ka pa may sense kausap. Because halos lahat ng tao hindi na tinatanong yan. You know kung anong sinasabi ng karamihan, na pati ang tenga ko rinding rindi na?

TJ: Ano yung Boss Chad?



Yun ang sinasabi ng majority of people kaya pumapasok sa sistema nila, kaya ayun tuloy palagi parin nga-nga.

Hirap-parati pag abutin yung bills nila sa bahay, gastos sa school, budget sa food. Kaya yung iba ayaw narin mag pakasal kasi mahirap nga mag kapamilya kasi iniisip nila lagi nalang silang mawawalan!

TJ: Aray naman Boss Chad!

CHAD: Truth hurts bro, and that’s why I’m saying you this because I’m concern sayo. Pati sa mga anak mo. And promise there are ways on how to make money, you just need to open your heart and eyes to the opportunity that lies everyday. Minsan ngalang dami pa nating arte kung bakit hindi natin sinunggaban ang mga opportunities nato.

(And then I look at his face seriously, because I want to feel that I’m not joking)

And then…

I walk away to continue my work in my small office sa bahay.

So now…

I’m sending this message not because I want you to buy my way of doing business online.

I’m sending this because I want to warn people who always say negativity every single day.

Every single day that we say…

Walang akong pera, mawawalan ka nang opportunity mag ka pera.

Every single day that we say…

Na mag sasabi ka na walang may gusto sayo. Wala talagang mag kakagusto sayo.

Every single day that na may reklamo ka sa buhay mo, buong buhay kang mag rereklamo.

Negativity is like a VIRUS.

Mabilis kumalat. Ganun din sa Positivity.

If you’re positive about life.

Positive things will happen, opportunities will open and the door shall be open unto you.

And like the doors of God that is open for everybody who needs salvation and believes on Him.

I’m also opening my doors next week for people who have the positive vibes and dreams to have a part-time or full time online business / jobs / trabahome or whatever you call it.

And that is next week folks.

Happy Easter!

Chad Godoy.

Let’s create some awesomeness.

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Ariana Grande’s Top 10 Advice for Work from Home Wanabees

Ariana Grandes Top 10 Advice for Work from Home Wanabees

There are no days that I will not play the playlist of Ariana.

Not because I’m gay. (No I’m completely straight po)

But because I admire the creativity on how she relays her feelings and emotions through her song.

Songs that capture every woman who experienced broken relationships. Not just broken relationships but hardships in real life.


If you’re going to listen or look closer with her song titles, you can actually take a lot of lessons and advice for people who’re seeking work online.

So without further dooo…

Let’s get started!


The no. 1 problem of people who wants to work online is that they are only seeking the magic button on how to make money fast so they can better themselves.

Well, a lot of them.

That’s why the majority of people who try, FAILED miserably.

Why? Because they are looking in the wrong direction.

Now, if you want to work from home (or no home) and you want to earn money fast, there is a way.

You have to look for problems that you can solve fast.

Look for problems that prospects want to solve, and position yourself to be the problem solver.

You do this; then they will swipe their credit card in no time.


Focus is essential in everything that we do.

Without focus, nothing is accomplished.

Without focus, there is no direction.

Without focus, we will lose.


Every day if we decide to pursue a mission.

A mission that is bigger than ourselves.

We must do things that improve it every day. (7 days a week)

When we wake up in the morning, that should be the first thing that we should do above anything else.


Working online comes with perks.

Time freedom, location freedom, no BOSS just partners.

But sometimes, even we are in the middle of vacation.

You must be ready to put it aside, and fix things up.


When you start a business expect that it’s going to be hard.

Whoever tells you that building a business is easy and fast is fake.

It’s not easy. Sometimes it takes six months, one year, or sometimes two years or worst decades before you even realize a profit. Or at least have some results.

Most times.

Things are not going into your favor, and the odds are slim.

9 out of 10 people who start a business failed.

And the only one who succeeded said one thing for sure.


I’m going to make it.


So many people are not doing anything about their situation because they feel it’s not the right time for them.

Okay, take this.

There is no such thing as the right time or the right timing.

Just do it and the right time will come.


“Sometimes life will hit you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith. – Steve Jobs.

The successful person is not the smartest person in the league.

You know who?

It’s the people who love it harder more than everyone.

So stick with it. LOVE IT HARDER.


I love this number!

In most cases, when I’m studying and applying all the lessons, I’ve learned, and still, it left me with failure. I always have the habit of crying it if I cannot carry it anymore.

It feels good; it takes away all the burden.

And when you wake up the next morning.

You are fired up and ready!


This number is kind of bit spiritual.

But I want you to pay attention because most people overlook things that happened to them.

Things that serve as clues.

Clues that lead us to THE WAY are often misinterpreted.

Sometimes opportunities disguised themselves as failures.

So look closer, when you fail at something.

Most of the time, you just have to do it again. With a different approach.


Now that I gave you Arianna’s best advices when it comes to working online.

It’s time for you to live it.


Chad Godoy

P. S. This coming june, pag pumatak ang ulan.

I will launch a course that combines everything I learned from the market. This course is a combination of courses from top of the line internet marketers who teaches people how to market stuff online.

Kahit po buhangin parang hot cake pag binenta.

Why mo need ito?

You need to able to sell yourself to clients. You need to read their mind before they even tell you what they need.

In that way, you will get a yes from them, so easily, that they even beg you to work with them.

Hopefully, you’re still in tune with me.

What’s The Best Investment You can Get? (With little or no cost)

If I’m going to advise my younger self. (although I’m still young – 28)

And I talk to him with regards to buying investment. I will tell him to invest in Himself first.

Well, I’m not saying that other investments like stocks, insurance, real estate, mutual funds or any financial vehicle are bad. It’s not.

In fact, there a no bad investment especially if the investment you will buy or invest to is something you know and can control.

In other words, you know what business you’re dealing with.

So, why did I say you must invest in yourself first?

Well, investment to yourself first, like buying books, attending seminars, going to training are something that other people cannot take from you.

It doesn’t depreciate, and it’s price doesn’t go up or down. (like stocks do)

The only thing that will happen is that you will improve whatever craft you’re trying to learn. Learning and digging things much deeper could only result in yourself becoming more valuable. Valuable not only to your colleague or peers but in the marketplace as well.

Giving more by becoming more valuable is something your present job, clients, fans, followers will appreciate not just because they learn from you, but you give more tangible results to the group.

By just investing your time reading books from a particular subject you’re doing could give you an advantage versus to your competitors.

Well, there is a saying…

Garbage in, Garbage out is a real phenomenon.

What you put inside you will go out.

If you watch bad news, bad news will almost happen.

If you think of negativity, negativity will almost happen.

And if you put nothing, nothing will happen.

And that my friend is my advice to myself and to you.

Continue investing in yourself.

Always be winning.

Chad Godoy

Let’s create some awesomeness.

The Man Who Risks it All for One Mission

“God proved His love on the Cross. When Christ hung, and bled, and died, it was God saying to the world “I Love You.” – Billy Graham

Once upon a time, there’s this Man Jesus Christ who risks his life for one mission.

His mission is to save our dying souls to eternity. He was hung, nailed, and bled to death because he loves us so much.

Well, without hesitation he took responsibility for our sins, so, we can go to heaven after our mission is done.

But speaking of Mission.

Do we know our mission on earth? Or we are just waking up every morning without recognizing we have one?

Without a clear mission, we cannot accomplish our goals proactively.

Without a clear mission, we will react to whatever happens every day.

Without a clear mission, we will start dying.

This mission may not be the same as JC have.

But it must be written clearly as the Bible said to Him.

Happy Palm Sunday Everyone.

Chad Godoy

P.S. This Holy Week, ask yourself what is your mission. Then write it down to a piece of paper and nailed it to your wall. In that way, you will always remember it.

Let’s create some awesomeness.

Why People You Love The Most Often Take You For Granted and Hurt You

There’s this woman who used to date a man during her college years.

She’s so in love to him that she gave up her studies when the guy asked her to marry him and live with him for good.

Well, during the early days of their relationship it was so good.

It’s sweet and intimate. Almost no problems. Just happiness and excitement.

Then eventually the woman gets pregnant and the relationship starts to get sour.

They guy fell into drug addiction and gambling.

And often times… the woman caught him cheating, which resulted to a new family. (In other words, third party)

At this time, they have two sons already. (A 7 year old boy, and a 6 months old baby).

From which umaasa lang sa father-in-law nila.

Kasi medyo may kaya.

They are politicians kasi, so medyo may pera.

But then…the woman got miserable and eventually leave the house of her father-in-law kasi hindi na siya makatiis.

She went back to her mother and ask for forgiveness.

Along with her two babies.

To support her two babies she decided to go to Korea for work.

She did everything she could just to make ends meet.

She work in a factory, in the cold farmlands, as a dish washer, and sometimes as a Guest Relation Officer.


Hindi siya sinuerete, so she goes back in the Philippines because she cannot carry the burden anymore. Working as a TNT in Korea is a hard job. Labor work is hard because she works at night.


When she came back to Philippines she decided to work as an OFW again, but this time. She’s bound to Bahrain.

She works as a waitress in Hard Rock cafe.

She dance, she serve, she dine.

Hard Rockers! They call it.

Then eventually she met a man in Hard Rock who fell in love with her.

Because the woman is so pretty. She’s so white.

Not just that. She has a tremendous FIGHTING SPIRIT.

Fast forward…

Napatapos niya ng college ang mga anak niya.

Isang IT at isang Engineer.

They have their own business na at pretty sure they enjoy their lives everyday because of the hardship of their mom.

And you know what?

The Engineer was me.

So what’s the catch of this story?

Well, often times, kung sino pa ang siyang nag mamahal, nag hahabol, nag papakatanga, siya pa ang pinag sasamantalahan di ba?

But you know what?

There’s this art on how you can make people beg you to comeback to their life.

Mapa ex boyfriend man yan o ex husband.

And that technique will be going to be part 4 of the online course that I will launch in June for those people who have interest to make people beg for their attention.

That even the relatives (you don’t like), fierce competitors, or classmates will notice.

And that my friend is one of the most important fundamentals when you want to attract clients who pay you more dollar in less hours work.

So stay tuned if you want that.

Chad Godoy

Let’s create some awesomeness.

Pinoy Legend Wealth Secrets

“There’s nothing wrong with making money. Lots of it, in fact. It’s just not a goal that will make you successful.” – Pindar

There’s this guy they call “The Legend” (He’s a Pinoy) who is so successful that he build a multimillion-peso business with just his laptop and a reliable internet connection.

And you know kung pano niya ginawa yun?

He told his followers that read something that is so powerful that it changes the game for him.

It changes the ways you do business. And the way you live your life.

The book is so powerful that when I read it five times and eventually applied it to my own online business.

Parang MAGIC.

Opportunity starts to knock on my doors.

Even foreign people starts approaching me and asking me to do business with them.

Well, totoo naman talaga.

You know minsan, sa kagustuhan nating mag karon ng maraming pera at maging successful.

Duon dumadating yung time na parang mailap ang tagumpay.


This trick will do the work.

P.S. You still have your last chance to reply in this message that “I want to have a powerful business idea”.

So I can send you this book, and promise besh, it will change the world around you.

Not instantly, but it will.

Chad Godoy

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I Quit My 9-5 job Years Ago

Wayback 4 years ago, I was an employee.

I work for a mining company sa Angono, Rizal as a cadet engineer.

I’m the one who take cares sa mga equipment ng planta and ako ang nag dedesign ng iba pang kagamitan that the plant needs.

Pero gaya ng marami, I was tired everyday working six days a week plus the overtime.

So I decided to look for other opportunities that is not tiring but enjoyable, if it pays higher than my job, well much better.

Then one day…

While I was talking with my supervisor during break time, he told me something that completely changed my life.

He says…

“Chad, there is someone that’s teaching how to work from Home daw doing marketing and other stuff. I know you’re looking for some work online, maybe you can check his website.”

He gave me the website then I subscribe sa email newsletter nya.

He’s my master, the Great Jomar Hilario.

The cool thing about the seminar is that , I don’t need to go out and attend. It’s just a on a webinar setting so It’s not hard to watch it.

It also has a recording that you can replay pag di mo napanood.

The lesson on that day is..

“How to Create Goals sa Buhay Mo”.

And how to strategize to make that goal as a reality.

And he ask us to list down our goals yung mga gusto naming makamit.

Something we want to be an expert with.


  • I want to be physically fit and healthy.
  • I want to travel around the world.
  • I want to earn sa Bahay lang to provide the needs of my family minus the stress.

So we’re so excited about it…parang bata lang na may mga wishes sa nanay nila.

And then my master said.

Now, that you set these goals that you want to achieve, I want you to divide it by 5.

Why five?

Because it takes 5 years to become an expert at anything. (For most, di lahat)

Well, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it the very first day.

If you try to become and expert in basketball, that doesn’t mean expert kana agad-agad.

But, it doesn’t mean either you cannot dribble the ball the first day di ba?

Same as dancing, zumbaing, or mountain climbing.

So, that’s the lesson.

And also, he teaches us how to strategize and create tactics, so that, we can do it in a systematic way.

Di pede chamba-chamba lang mahirap yun.

Para kang nag darts tapos you’re praying you will hit the bullseye with your eyes closed.

So fast forward…

I’m asking myself did I achieved that goal to work sa bahay lang?

I can say YES.

Given that I earn millions doing it part-time.

I can now safe to say that I qualified to say YES.

YES! I love my work.

I have this opportunity to help business owners achieved their goals and ROIs (return of investment).

And I’m very grateful and have no regrets of quitting my safe job years ago.

Because not just I can work sa bahay lang but I can also do my hobbies daily like I’m doing the gardening and stuff.

P.S. There’s always an opportunity for something better and more meaning ful ways how to earn from home.

If you think you’re up for the challenge you can send me a reply and ask questions, and I will answer it with the best of my abilities.

Chad Godoy

Let’s create some awesomeness.

Boy Abunda – Fast Talk Muna Tayo

I know you have so many things to do kaya fast talk nalang muna tayo.

Okay, I’ve received a couple of questions from subscribers that I want to address.

And maybe this email can answer those questions…

QUESTION: What is this home based job you’re saying?

CHAD: This home based job I’m saying are jobs or let’s say business ( kasi hindi ka talaga empleyado) that you can find in the internet. This home based business that you can operate sa bahay lang or minsan kahit nasa out of town ka pa, kagaya ko.

QUESTION: Ano-ano naman ang mga trabahome na ito?

CHAD: Well…

It could be some other work you already know like…

marketing, accounting, web design, funnel building or even customer service. If you think you don’t qualify, kahit data entry nalang na puro copy-and-paste lang kailangan.

QUESTION: What work will you recommend to a beginner who doesn’t have any experience working at home?

CHAD: An interesting question…

Well, there are really jobs na hindi gaanong kahirapan gaya ng mga data entry jobs.

If may experience ka naman sa accounting, pwede ka mag manage ng books ng clients.

Oh kung gaya ko na mahilig ka mag kuwento, you can venture into copywriting and email management.

There are also jobs like wordpress management (taga manage ng website ng clients) if you have a small background about wordpress.

And siempre ang hindi papatalong Social Media Management.

There are many thing people can do in the interenet, some are really weird and cool stuff like managing Pinterest accounts (my favourite).


I hope I did enlighten most of you, pasensya na if merong words na hindi nyo naintindihan, you can always google naman something if we really need to understand it further.

P.S. I have a gift for people who really have interest working from home.

Well, this gift have an awesome power on how you approach business.

If you reply till tomorrow saying “ I want to have a powerful business idea” – there will be a big chance that you will receive itong regalo na ito.


Chad Godoy

Let’s create some awesomeness.