An Open Letter to My Dearest Friend who Loves His girlfriend Very Much

Dear Adrian,

They said that a true friend is a gift from God.

That you can only count them in your most dominant hand.

And, the only way to know whether they are true or not is when disaster strikes you.

But Mennn…

You’ve proved that you’re not just a friend to me. You’re a BROTHER.

A few years ago, I experienced the darkest moments of my life, that even now has its shadows following me within my heart.

It tested how strong the foundation that I’ve built in my twenty-six years of existence as a human being. But I can tell you, and as you know it, it falls to the ground. (Brick-by-Brick)

It breaks not just my heart, but my soul.

But after some years of agony and pain, I’ve learned to pick myself up and stand again with confidence.

And last December…

I’ve decided to offer my life to something that I’m so afraid to do, and that is writing.

Writing gives me a way to loosen my insanity. It makes my mind so occupied, that even there are sexy girls in front of me I really don’t care. (Even it’s size C or D whatever).

Well, it’s not my prime occupation right now, but a part-time trade with some perks that come along with it.

I write for people all across the grid…CEO’s, founders, the right hand of founders (you name it).

Well, man, it feels like I’m not working. (Chuckles)

Now why I’m saying you this?

Well, I just want to thank you, for everything you’ve done (including the insults), and I’m grateful that I have a friend like you (and Ai of course).

Without you, this has not been possible.

As Gary Halbert (one of the greatest copywriters ever lived) once said…

You’re the most useful skin God ever created for me.

You’re a shred of living evidence that in life, we need a good friend to sing with, laugh with and be with in times of despair.

I hope you have a nice life, and you’re rocking your day wherever you are reading this right now.

Your dearest friend from the shadows,

Chad Godoy

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