I’m Chad. Nice to meet you! Here’s a 15-second summary:

The Mission and Purpose

Chad Godoy exists to help thriving email list owners gain more sales this month than they did last month, by leveraging an email marketing system, that is tried and proven.

I provide you with the confidence that comes from a proven email strategy and tried and tested out of the box thinking. (And not those sole-nifty tactics).


→ Reduce the Amount of time guess-working email campaigns.

→ Create a proper way to launch email sequences.

→ Out of the box email subject lines for higher open rates.

→ A not so boring approach in creating emails that create sales and build hungry audiences.

Nice Things Said:

→ Victor Nadvitov of Bookmefirstclass.com – Chad has great writing skills and provided out of the box thinking.

→ Joe Leech of DietVsDisease.org / Healthline – Time management and meeting deadlines, Documenting tasks you have done or need to do, good design skills, Can follow instructions very well.

→ Ken of TopReveal.com / Wearaction.com – thank you, Chad for Making me Stand OUT!

→ Melissa – “As always, Chad does an awesome job and the work is done quickly and professionally. BOOK THIS MAN!” Chad is great! Super proactive, has great ideas, easy to work with, and FUN! He needs a very little direction and responds to feedback 100%. He works all the time and always follow up.