A Whacky Crazy Way To Skin a Book

Recently, I’ve watched the movie Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban.

I don’t know how many times I’ve watched the series but one of my favorite parts of it is the Azkaban.

Not because of Harry’s Godfather (the Prisoner) but because of Hermione Granger.

You see…

Granger love’s to study very much.

She is a master of spells, a witch with an extraordinary memory. That whenever she’s in danger, she knows what counterspell to cast.

Well…if you already watched it I know you can relate to this.

So, there’s a part in the movie where Granger uses a watch which allows her to return back time. (more like a time machine)

She uses it to allow her to attend two classes at the same time by multiplying herself with the use of the watch.

She attends her regular class and another one that is much more advanced.

Well…who does that kind of thing?

It’s kinda bit whacky and crazy but hey it’s freaking smart.

Now, why am I telling you this?

Well, you see…

We don’t have the same watch that can return back time like Granger has to study our favorite books.

But there is a way you can learn more from your books that most of the people don’t know.

And this practice will not just take out the juice from it but you will pick the writer’s brain by doing this. (more like reading his mind – so spooky but it works)

So what is the spell?

“Re-write it.”

Yes, just it.

Re-write it and you will see the magic behind it.

It might take you four times or five times the time versus reading it, but you will keep four or five times the juice from it to your brain. (In my humble opinion of course)

It’s the same with ads, content, and emails I copied from A-list copywriters, coaches, novelists, some billboards and anything I can have my hands on.

That’s why my emails are not as boring as other people’s emails. That’s why people interact with it.

And in some cases buys from it.

Chad Godoy

Let’s create some awesomeness.

P.S. If you’re frustrated and in dire need of emails that will make your list buy with laughter, or you need a horrific story to tell.

Adios Amigo.