A Cold War with my Mom

Recently, there’s a cold war that has been declared in our house.

It’s a war between my mom and me.

The funny thing about it is we shut off all means of communication, Facebook, text messages, emails and other forms of verbal communications.

Not a single word is coming out from my mouth even when we both eat on the same table with each other.

I also lessen my presence in our dining table nowadays.

So, I offset the time when I do breakfast and dinner.

During lunch, I eat outside for me not to see their faces.

I’m also planning to launch an all-out cold war with some family members who are in allegiance with my mother.

Not the real war that Donald Trump wants with North Korea, just ordinary radio silence.

Also, this gives me a lot of solitude because they will not bother me anymore asking me stupid questions about their stupid problems.

Anyways, given that I have this extra time for myself…

I now have this chance to create the email templates I was planning for such a long time.

This email template will be my giveaways to one of my list building campaign that I will launch this year.

So if you’re interested, you can send me a quick reply message saying.

“I want to be the Joker.”

PS: When communication dies, the relation dies too. – Joker