A call center agent mom who started working from home…

A have a friend name Jenny who started working from home wayback 4 years ago.

She is one of my coach in the industry and one of the big earners too.

She earn more by doing less work.

She doesn’t have to worry about work anymore becase she owns her own team of virtual workers that’s working with her day and night.

And of course money is not a problem for her either.

Because she is now earning in dollars while at home.

Okay…that is just one side of her story.

On the other side, before she starts her virtual career, Jenny was a graveyard shift call center agent who works in Makati.


She rides the MRT when majority of the people are going home after the hard days work.

Inuumaga na siya ng uwi araw-araw, then pagdating matutulog nalang, tapos pag gising same routine, go back to Makati.

Mahirap…pero kailangan talaga.

She has one daughter and her husband’s income is not enough for the family so napilitan siyang mag work at mag hanap pa ng side-income.

She started working from home…part-time.

Pinagsabay niya ang work sa call-center at studies for her virtual career.

Hanggang dumating ang time na wala na siyang time sa anak niya and nag tatampo na ang husband niya.

Her husband said…

“Paano naman ang time mo sa amin, puro nalang trabaho inaatupag mo, napapabayaan mo na ang anak mo?”

Hanggang napaiyak nalang siya at wala na siyang nasabi.

But the event doesn’t stop her from striving to build her business.

Nag pursige siya hangang mangutang na siya makapag continue lang ng studies niya.

Nag volunteer din siya ng time niya sa mga coaches who conducts seminar malibre lang siya ng lessons.

And then her hard work pays off.

She now earns more than six digits at the comfort of her home with her loving daughter by her side.

Giving the best of life for her family…enjoying vacations, and most of all FREEDOM.

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Chad Godoy

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